Should I get me some of that?

Came across this special deal on an electronics retailer’s web site today. Until they explicitly pointed out the incredible savings I was getting if I purchased the CPU and motherboard together, I thought $79.97 was a pretty good price. With the exception of the green arrow (I put it there), this is an actual screen clip from the retailer’s web site. [click to enlarge]


Pointing out that I was saving only $.01 cost them the transaction. Given ecommerce is well over 10 years old, does it make sense that ecommerce sites are still this stupid? Wouldn’t someone managing the site create a requirement that says something like:

If the savings of our bundles are <5% of the combined price of the individual components, do not show actual component prices or the savings.

I like the retailer. They have a reasonably good website, but I’ll have to keep my eyes out for more of these “great deals”.



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