Some Product Management reading

Over the last few years I’ve written several articles that have been published by the folks at

I discussed one such article, Product Management Axioms, in another blog post.

The remaining articles cover different topics related to product management, from beta programs to prioritizing customer feedback to a discussion on how many product managers are really enough in an organization.

I’d love to hear your feedback on any of them.

Building a Better Beta
Detailed description of the key elements of beta programs and ways to make them effective across teams in a software company

A Model for Metrics Driven Feature Prioritization
Describes a method for including large numbers of customers in a closed-loop dialog on product direction

You Can Never Have Too Many Product Managers
Defining the value of Product Management in a software company is difficult but critical. Companies must ensure the Product Management role does not bottleneck other parts of the company.

A House with no Front Door
Creating great software products requires diligence and forethought. Efforts that put development efficiencies ahead of user needs simply increase complexity and cost for the vendor over time.


One response to “Some Product Management reading

  1. “A Model for Metrics Driven Feature Prioritization” is a great, practical article ! I would echo your comments that putting a process like this takes some time and disicpline, but is very much worth it.

    I think there is also alot to be gained by doing quantitative analysis of the enhancement requests that come in throughout the year. For example: which customers are submitting the most requests ? what areas of the product are people submitting the most requests for ? what is the rate at which requests are being submitted and implemented ?

    Generate a report on some of these key metrics a couple times a year, and look for changes in patterns. For example; why are more requests suddenly coming in for a particular module ? Maybe something has changed in the way your product is being used. At one company I worked at, I generated a quarterly report on some key stats that were important for us. The report was useful for the Product Management team but I also distributed it to to key managers in other depts and used parts in customer presentations.