In Search Of:

OK, this might just be a DNS problem in my region of the Internet, or some temporary problem at Cranky’s hosting service, but I can’t seem to get to

What has befallen this site? The domain is valid until 2009.

Has she reformed her ways? Is she no longer cranky? Has she been promoted or started her own gig? Will we look forward to

Keep us posted if you have any info.



5 responses to “In Search Of:

  1. Alas, nothing quite so glamorous as you imagine. A dangerous near-colision of real-life and blog-life made the Cranky Product Manager go on temporary hiatus for a few weeks, lest she be discovered. Be back in a few weeks. Promise.

    And hugs and kisses to you. (See? Not always so cranky…)

  2. I noticed the missing CrankyPM myself and was saddened by the thought of the loss of some periodic humour injected into my day!

    But, I did find this site (On Product Management) yesterday when googling for the CrankyPM – so for that I’m thankful because now I have another PM resource AND thanks to this “In search of…” post, I know now that the CrankyPM is not forever lost. 🙂

  3. Brigitte,

    Thanks for the comments, and I hope you find our blog helpful. Feel free to comment on any of our posts, including older ones. I look forward to any feedback you have.


  4. Thanks for doing this. I also was very concerned that the CrankyPM had moved on to a less stress inducing job role, thus eliminating a most enjoyable blog…

    Come back soon CrankyPM! We miss you!

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