Who is the CrankyCEO?

So, a couple of weeks back, when the CrankyPM’s blog came back from a brief hiatus, I wrote a bit of a welcome back post. In it, I mused that, had the CPM been promoted or started up her own gig, it would have been nice to see that blog come back as the CrankyCEO.

Now, sometimes I do strange things like look up the whois info on domains of interest. So tonight, for no good reason, I decided to look up the whois info of crankyceo.com? While I was not surprised to see it had been registered, I was surprised to see that it was registered YESTERDAY, October 9, 2007! Gee, wonder if John Crespi reads this blog?

So, that got me thinking, was it really my idea? A quick search for “crankyceo.com” on Google, and voila!

Only 2 hits out of Google’s 8 bazillion page Web index and both from our blog! Yes, absolutely my idea! (inspired by CrankyPM of course) 🙂

So John Crespi of Richmond Hill Ontario, a couple of suggestions:

1. When you put up your site, I’d certainly appreciate being publicly credited as the inspiration for the domain name.

2. If you make money from the site, please don’t hesitate to send me a small royalty payment. A standard and customary 10% of gross revenues will suffice.

3. When you register your domain, you may want to check the option for hiding your personal registration details.You never know who is going to conduct a whois on your domain. 🙂



3 responses to “Who is the CrankyCEO?

  1. 10%? HAHAHAHA! Snif.

    You’re a funny guy.

  2. Vicki Ziegler

    Hmm. Maybe you need some “domain knowledge” … This looks to me like a legitimate jump at an opportunity that came by way of reading a publicly posted offhand comment. I’m not sure just being clever in the public commons gives you an automatic copyright or royalties claim – but I’ll just say “I’m not sure” until I can more conclusively research that. Anyhoo, I would also guess that perhaps Mr. Crespi did not hide his name on the registration because he had no reason to hide it.

    Thanks for another lively topic for discussion.

  3. Vicki, thanks for the comment.

    The blog posting, and particularly the request for royalties etc. was clearly tongue in cheek. John certainly took it that way given his comment above.

    Thanks for reading the blog.