Market segmentation, or lack of it at Facebook

I came across a new blog, a la 360, which just started a couple of months ago. The author recently posted a couple of articles related to Facebook. One blog asks “Which problem is Facebook solving?“. Another discusses market segmentation WRT Facebook.

I like both articles as they ask straight forward and fundamental questions that we all should be asking ourselves (if we aren’t already) when looking to create a new product or service. Now one could argue that without clearly identifying a target set of problems or clearly segmenting the market, Facebook is more successful than 99% of internet applications, so why bother?

The issue is not about Facebook, but simply about reminding ourselves to do our homework to help improve the chances of success of our products. For every Facebook that succeeds, there are hundreds that fail.



One response to “Market segmentation, or lack of it at Facebook

  1. Very good post. Let me add the famous expression “Back to basics”!