More Haiku madness…

The CrankyPM,
Pivotal and Steve Johnson
inspired me to write

Product to be launched
Have to find the perfect name
Damn, all good ones gone

Good Beta Programs
Don’t just happen, but require
planning and focus

Customer input
Never enough time for it
Let’s build something now

Can’t work together if we
have different goals

PMs who have no
domain knowledge suffer great

End of the quarter
Must help the sales people but
I don’t go to Club

Product Management
Business Optimization
Not Requirements Boy!

What’s axiom 2?
Yo! Nail it then scale it!
Must remember that.

Got an idea?
Pass it through Stage-Gate process
It’s bound to kill it.

Design software well
It’s all about the user
Apple knows this rule

Customer Support
Gotta really love those folks
Really smart, thick skinned

Be a great PM
Read this set of articles
What a blatant plug!