I found my voice, but I didn’t scream

An update on the case of the missing voice.

After spending all of Thursday being as silent as possible, feasting on virtually nothing but hot soup and udon, and using virtually every sort of non-prescription remedy to better my condition, I woke up Friday morning with a working, though far from normal voice. It was hoarse, raspy and about 1/4 of it’s normal strength, but it was functional.

So with that ability, I went to the conference and got miked up for my talk. The talk went over well I’m happy to say, and I got some good feedback from some attendees. “Very original” was probably the best comment that I feel I received

I do want to take this opportunity to give a sincere thank you to Michael Hopkin. Michael was a speaker at the conference (he gave a good talk on Leadership for Product Management) and is a reader of this blog. On Thursday, hearing of my predicament, he offered to be my voice if needed on Friday. I really appreciated his offer, as we had just met. That was plan B for me. It would have been interesting to try but I’m also glad my voice returned.



One response to “I found my voice, but I didn’t scream

  1. Michael Ray Hopkin

    Saeed, I, perhaps more than anyone else, was happy you found your voice. It really was quite miraculous. Your presentation was on target and compelling, no doubt much better than it would have been through the voice of an interpreter. -Michael