Happy (belated) birthday to us!

I just realized that we’ve been writing this blog for a year now. We started June 1 last year with our first entry. Wow, how time flies.

So, in that time we’ve had about 140 posts — not bad — which is roughly one every 2.3 days.

It feels like about 1/2 of Alan’s posts have had something or other to do with the iPhone! I’m surprised he hasn’t blogged about the new iPhone 3G. Maybe cuz he’s smarting at having paid full price for the original. 🙂

And speaking of iPhones, Ethan’s iPhone vs. Blackberry Fight! post was the most popular post on the blog for quite some time. Looking at our referrer stats, the search phrase “iPhone vs. Blackberry” or various derivatives of that must have been very common search terms last summer and fall.

For some reason, one of the first articles I wrote, “Why is Dyson doing so well?” is by far the most visited post on our blog. Odd IMHO. It outstrips the next most popular article – Product Manager vs. Product Management (part 3) — by more than 2:1 in terms of hits. People who read the latter seem to click on the Product Management Deliverables chart in the article quite a bit. And just behind in third place is the “How to be a GREAT PM” consolidation page. It links to the 6 individual articles that make up that series.

My article on whether Product Managers need domain knowledge drew a lot of comments. I had used Delrina’s attempt to launch a Macintosh fax product (Winfax Mac anyone?) as an example of lack of domain knowledge. A number of ex-Delrina staff, some of whom worked on that project joined the discussion. Very interesting.

I wrote a number of articles starting with the phrase “What’s the deal with“. One article: “What’s the deal with Software Product Management?” generated a lot of comments from readers. I think there is a lot more to write on this topic. What’s the deal with Personas? also received a lot of comments. Some very passionate views on personas for sure.

Not all the articles were serioius. More Haiku Madness was inspired by some other haiku postings on other PM blogs. My favourite haiku from that article:

Customer input
Never enough time for it
Let’s build something now

Wny? Well, because it’s so true of course.

But, it’s a happy occasion, so In light of the occasion, here’s a little rendition of Happy Birthday delivered by some adorable aliens.