The Software Product Management Blues

First off….apologies to Bob Dylan and any Dylan fans out there.

This should be sung to the music and tune of Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues.

And scroll down to the bottom to see his original video.

Software Product Management Blues

Developers in the office
Fixing up the code base
Marketing is wondering
How to deal with branding
A buyer with the budget
won’t sign the PO
Salesrep far from quota
Can’t give out a discount

Hey PM
You created this beast
God knows why
It’s not the first time
You stuck your neck out once before
Aiming for a big score
The man in the big room
Who gave you the role
Wants to see a hockey stick
But sales look like a fishing pole

Consultant talks real slick
He’s got the quick fix
Relaunch the product
Soon as you can but
No budget for the job
Consultant say that’s no prob
Cut the dev team down today
Software’s busted anyway

Hey PM
Exec team wants to know
Why sales are so low
Sales claims product woes
Dev says they released on time
Marketing says leads are fine
But management isn’t aligned
You don’t need some hack
To tell you to cover your back

Relaunch, restart
Hang in, do your part
Meet goals, hard to tell
If anything is gonna sell
Jump in, work the deals
No matter how you feel
No club, no commission
Rescue deals, that’s your mission
If you fail, then transition

Hey PM
You’re gonna get bought
By a market giant
New battles to be fought
New people running the show
Don’t know which way to go
One thing’s certain, you ain’t no fool
You can’t play by their rules
Must swim to another pool

Stay the course, play the game
Sit tight, dance the dance
Get packaged out, first chance
Try to look real engaged
Do the job on the stage
Prep the CV, plan the transition
Call the recruiter real soon now,
It’s not when but how

Hey PM
You had a good run
Three releases, it’s been fun
Big plans laid to rest
But you know you did your best
Next time you’ll know better
How to handle the stormy weather
Leave on good terms,
Don’t cut and run
Because you’re two degrees from everyone


7 responses to “The Software Product Management Blues

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  2. Oh the story of my life!

  3. @Mr C

    I’m glad I’m not the only one singing and living this song!

    As they say….misery loves company.


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