Motto for ProductCamp Toronto

Hey, here’s a little contest.

Suggest a motto for ProductCamp Toronto and if we use it, we’ll send you a ProductCamp Toronto t-shirt with the motto. You don’t even have to attend the ProductCamp to win!

But if you do attend, then we’ll give it to you onsite, and make a big fuss or something about as well, just to recognize your contribution.

That’s it, it’s really simple. Just leave a comment with your suggestion or email us: productcamptoronto at gmail dot com.

Here’s a little inspiration to get the creative juices flowing:

  • ProductCamp Toronto: An Unconference in the Great White North
  • ProductCamp Toronto: Participate,  Captivate, Agitate, Permeate
  • ProductCamp Toronto: Took longer to plan than the Federal election
  • ProductCamp Toronto: A much better name than P-Camp!

Oh yeah, deadline is Wednesday October 26. 2008! We need time to get the shirts made for the November 2nd event.

Hope to hear from you.



One response to “Motto for ProductCamp Toronto

  1. How about:
    ProductCamp Toronto: Oh Canada!
    ProductCamp Toronto: Opportune, Consistent, Repeatable, Actionable, Practical. Oh CRAP
    ProductCamp Toronto: OMG, Steve Johnson is gonna be there.

    The last one may not be so practical.