A public service announcement here.

We’ve redirected the blog to http://onproductmanagement.net.

This is through WordPress’s redirection service so there should be no problems, but this is technology and software, so we know better.

Please leave a comment if you encounter any problems with blog access, visibility, your RSS  feed or anything else.

Also, the original https://onproductmanagement.wordpress.com address should still function properly.

We’ll work through any issues you alert us to as best as we can. Hopefully this change causes minimal disruption over the holidays.

Saeed, Alan, Ethan.


4 responses to “OnProductManagement.net

  1. It seems to be working – even from my phone

  2. Um….for those of you who clicked on the new domain link in the original version of this post, I had incorrectly typed it in as onproductmangement.net. Doh!

    It should of course have been onproductmanagement.net.

    Have corrected that problem. Hopefully any problems encountered by those who clicked the link have been eliminated.

    http://www.onproductmanagement.com as well as http://onproductmanagement.com are both redirecting to the blog.