You Might Be a Product Manager If….

Over at Product Beautiful, Paul Young has a great post entitled You Might Be a Product Manager If… There are over 50 one liners about life as a PM. Far too many of them are applicable to me, sadly.

#10 — You walk through the store and look at products thinking “what problem does that solve?” — is totally me!

If I could add a few, here’s my additions to the list for You Might be a PM if:

    1. You organize your work around the house in a prioritized list in Excel
    2. You’ve watched infomercials on late night TV and counted the number of use cases they present.
    3. You read HBR articles in your spare time, purely out of interest.
    4. You wonder whether Marketing will ever “get it”.
    5. There’s at least one VP Eng from a previous company whose doll likeness you’d stick with a few well placed voodoo needles.
      DISCLAIMER: The bullet list above only represents my additions to Paul Young’s list, and is based solely on my deep insight about OTHER Product Managers.

      In no way, shape or form does it represent me or any of my activities, wishes or thoughts. Any resemblance to me, my activities, wishes or thoughts is  purely coincidental, especially that one about the voodoo doll and the VP Eng.



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