Product Naming Fail? Or Brilliant Marketing Ploy?

So, the invention seems pretty good, but who thought up and agreed to the name?

Is it just a dumb name or is it a stroke of genius for viral web marketing?

What do you think?



4 responses to “Product Naming Fail? Or Brilliant Marketing Ploy?

  1. FAIL.

    It may go viral but probably not to their target market. Unless their audience is teenage boys

  2. A merely competent marketing ploy. Definitely not a fail. Especially when you consider the alternatives that were considered and rejected. Here are three:

    Boner Ripper (“Sounds like an angry lesbian wrestler”)
    Fish De-Boner (“Sounds French”)
    Piscine Endoskeletal Removal Apparatus (“What?”)

    Prediction: It will sell a gillion units. Hell, I’ll buy one. Do you know how annoying it is to bone a fish after you’ve grilled it? Ever choked on a fish bone? Ever found yourself in dire need of a perfectly-formed fish spine *with ribs intact*?

  3. I need to use the phrase “It’s just that easy” a lot more in my own marketing copy.

  4. Well, we’re all watching it, aren’t we?