This is your blog on Wordle

I’ve always been a big fan of new meaningful ways to represent information.

Perhaps it’s because I spent a number of years of my career working in companies that focused on data visualization.

Wordle is an interesting site, that takes the well known “tag cloud” concept and lets anyone apply it to any web page or random text.

The images below are Wordle representations of some of the more popular Product Management blogs.  Can you recognize which images map to which blogs?

Click on each one to enlarge.

I’ll give the answers in a future post.

Blog #1


Blog #2


Blog #3


Blog #4


Blog #5




2 responses to “This is your blog on Wordle

  1. I suspect the first one is mine unless there is some wacko Watcom C fan out there blogging about a company that ceased to exist in 1994.
    I hope #4 is this blog, otherwise Saeed, you’ve got a stalker out there 😉

  2. Thanks April. You’re correct on both points. Yes, #4 is our blog here.

    What I found surprising was the dominance of the words Sales and Marketing on our Wordle image. Those wouldn’t have been my answer if someone asked me what the two most dominant words would have been.

    Wordle doesn’t publish the source code or the specific algorithms ( they use so it’s hard to tell how they determine word dominance.

    Anyway, a fun little app nonetheless.