Kindle Fail!

It’s always amusing to see even sophisticated e-tailers such as Amazon make some bonehead mistakes. At minimum, it helps me feel better when I realize I’ve overlooked something obvious.

So, Amazon has a vested interest in promoting the Kindle, it’s ebook reader. All over Amazon you’ll find little plugs asking the visitor to have the publisher of a particular book make it available on the Kindle.

Nothing wrong with that, until they do the following: (click to enlarge)


This screenshot is  straight from Amazon’s site. It’s for the ever popular Moleskine Notebook. Keep in mind, this is an EMPTY notebook that you use for what else — writing notes.

Yes, ask the “publisher” of the Moleskine to put their entire line of notebooks on the Kindle. Great reads I’m sure. 🙂



2 responses to “Kindle Fail!

  1. As silly as the concept sounds, you can now buy several “notebooks” for the Kindle – differently formatted blank “books” that you can use to write notes and carry them around with you.

  2. um. about the notebook thing you dont need some stupid freaking blank book to have notes just hook your kindle into computer open clippings delete all the useless junk and then type in whatever you want. it only works when you click on “my computer” and click on whatever thinge you have it plugged into then you click on kindle and it opens up all the files. click on my clippings and it will come up in some kind of word/notepad form delete what you want and type in what you want then click save. it will save on kindle. great thing to do instead of butpying some crappy notebook! btw this was wrote on a kindle!