Saeed vs. Cranky PM: Fight!

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I must have made some really relevant points in some comments (1,2) on the Cranky PM’s site, because she decided to honour me with a post entirely dedicated to refuting those comments.

Or, probably most likely,  it was simply that I didn’t agree with her, and that goes against the fundamental rules that define the Crankyverse she inhabits. She does say, and I quote:

THE CRANKY PRODUCT MANAGER IS ALWAYS RIGHT. This is a fundamental LAW of the universe.

To be honest, I think the above statement goes to the heart of why the Cranky PM is cranky. I mean, if you think you are always right, you’re in for a lot of grief. And even if you ARE always right, the grief only increases as few people will believe you.

Regardless, reading some of the interchange, one reader, John,  on Cranky’s blog left the following comment.

Is it just me or does anyone else want to see the celebrity deathmatch episode with CPM vs Saeed? CPM, you probably want to remove the bite plate for that.

Whoa. The only biting I’m going to publicly subject myself to is the biting cold of the current winter or some good biting satire; both of which I’ll accept in reasonably small doses.

So John, I’ll take your comment in the following context:

First, I thank you for raising me to celebrity status and will do my best to fit into the celebrity persona. I guess that means I’ll need to get ghost writers for this blog as I’ll be too busy posing on red carpets or lying in the Sun on a beach in St. Barts to actually write anything meaningful.  Hmmm…I could get used to that.

Second, although I’m a Canadian, and we’re not known for our aggression, I do want to remind everyone that the baddest, meanest, kickass superhero ever is, of course, Wolverine. And guess what, he’s Canadian! And like any Product Manager, he works with others as needed, but is not shy about going it alone when needed. Yup, that’s me alright.

mystique2Now, if the CrankyPM had super powers, who would she be? I’d guess she’d think she’s Wonder Woman (no explanation needed) or perhaps Hawkgirl, flying around and bringing people to their senses with a swift whack from her magical mace.

But I’d think differently. As a Product Manager, she needs to be a very adaptable person and be able to fit into very different situations quickly and easily. Whether talking to sales, marketing, engineers, support, executive, analysts or anyone else, she’s shown she knows how to blend in easily. My view is that she’s a shape shifter, whose true identity is of course only known to a few of her closest colleagues. Thus, there’s no one better suited for her than Mystique.

So Wolverine vs. Mystique. That would be quite the deathmatch.



9 responses to “Saeed vs. Cranky PM: Fight!

  1. Saeed,

    I am the author of the comment that spawned this blog entry. I posted the comment because sometimes you look like CPM’s personal contrarian stalker. I may have mis-stepped because I haven’t been following either blog for all that long, but so far I haven’t seen you say anything in support of her entries. If you have, my bad.

  2. I love the idea of a death match: Wolverine vs Hawkgirl. And damn! that CPM looks hot!.

  3. John,

    Hello. I have agreed with the CrankyPM, but my disagreements tend to be more pointed than my agreements. I’m usually not one to comment much when I agree with something someone has written, unless I have some value to add beyond simply agreeing.

    Thus it may seem that I mostly (or only) disagree with her.

    Regardless, I appreciate your suggestion for the deathmatch, and your comment above clarifying your position.

    Feel free to browse this blog and let us know if you agree or disagree with what you see.



  4. Unfortunately, I think a “PM death match” would probably wind up looking something like this:

    A) Seeing which PM can boil 50 pages of customer interviews into as few bullet points on a Powerpoint as possible. Ties are won by the PM who manages to rhyme or use a haiku.

    B) Seeing which PM can get boarding pass #1 for a Southwest flight.

    – or, my favorite –

    C) Spanish-language karaoke (for non-Spanish-speaking contestants). And I want to see FEELING when you hit the high notes.

  5. Paco, just for you…

    A PM death match
    Wolverine versus Mystique
    Cold steel wins. Hands down.

    OK, I admit it, my haiku shows some favoritism.

  6. Huh? Super heroes? You might as well be speaking Penguin…. The Cranky Product Manager has no idea what you’re talking about. Who is this Mystique chick anyone? Never mind Hawkgirl….

  7. Cranky,

    Some weekend video viewing will answer all your questions.

    Rent, X-men and you’ll be enlightened. Or click the link in the article.


  8. You cannot make the CPM watch X-Men. The Cranky PM refuses. No frakin’ way.

    She’s going to rent “Nights in Rodanthe” and “Made of Honor” instead. Oh, and maybe “Fight Club.”

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