World’s most difficult Captcha!

Wonder how long it will take for spammers to break this captcha!


It’s absolutely real. I saw it yesterday on a site where I went to input a comment. Now that’s security.



5 responses to “World’s most difficult Captcha!

  1. While this captcha may seem simple, it most probably serves the purpose.
    Cracking captcha just to be able to pose spam comments (that will get caught by the spam filter in most cases anyway) is a total waste of time.
    Having them on a blog site is probably enough to clean up the spam folder considerably.

  2. Actually that’s a pretty reasonable captcha depending on the website. is a pretty well read development website and that always has the same word for its captcha. It’s a question of cost benefit. If there’s no real value in hacking the captcha then you only have to deter casual hacking.

    Once you get a site like ticketmaster, webmail or a very popular website with comments then you have to take stronger precautions.

  3. Ross Patterson

    One of the blogs I read has a CAPTCHA that is always “orange”. It’s in Black Letter (sometimes called “Old English”), but it’s still always “orange”.

  4. There are shops in India that employ hundreds of people who do nothing all day but decode captchas. It’s a modern version of the mechanical Turk. The above captcha is so trivial it’s funny. (which we use for this blog) does not have captchas, but has a very good spam detection system. Rarely do spam messages get through. I prefer it to having a captcha mechanism.

  5. For a really difficult captcha though, check here: