Usability is all in the details

If you haven’t checked it out, take a look at Cindy Alvarez’s blog: The Experience is the Product.

She recently posted a good article entitled:  Getting beyond beta: Measuring your audience breakdown.

Given the focus of her blog, the article describes some simple ways to analyse website traffic and conversion for a hypothetical ‘sock-matching service‘. Yes, that sock-matching service! 🙂

Cindy takes a straight forward approach at audience breakdown and provides some good advice and links to useful online tools to help address the problem.

While many product managers aren’t charged with specific focus on usability, when thinking about user loss and conversion ratios on the Web, there is a clear business case that can be made on the impacts (positive and negative) of good or bad usability respectively.

Great Post!



One response to “Usability is all in the details

  1. Thanks Saeed!

    There’s usability – making it easy for a consumer to use your product.

    There’s also user-desirability – making your product something that users want, NEED to use.

    If having more users leads to making more revenues, then usability and user-desirability HAVE to be things that product managers care about.

    They often won’t own the research and design details, but it’s important to understand enough about it to have a productive working relationship with the teams who do.