Career paths for Product Managers

Just a quick note. I’m speaking on a panel this evening at the Toronto Product Managers Association (TPMA). The topic is Career Smarts for Product Managers. The meeting is in the usual location at Metro Hall in downtown Toronto. It starts at 6:15.

On the panel with me are David McJannet of Microsoft Canada and Lois Ellsworth of Compuware.

Look forward to seeing you there.



One response to “Career paths for Product Managers

  1. Saeed, I hope your session went well. I assume you discussed how to get to PM, and how PM can take your career into other areas (e.g. executive management). This is a great topic and I would have loved to hear your (and your panel’s) take. (Seems like there are a lot of great things happening in Toronto these days.)

    I’ve recorded a couple podcasts recently where my guests and I discussed the benefits of product management experience to helping you build out your career. The episode From Product Manager to XOD has valuable insight from Greg Strouse who started in PM and has since held many executive positions, including CEO. You can listen to this and other episodes at -Michael