Six Characteristics of Product Managers

After an unintentional and rather protracted break from blogging (a bad flu in February, followed by a really busy work and personal schedule for the last few weeks), I’m returning to my regualar schedule.

I just completed a podcast with Michael Ray Hopkin for his Product Management Pulse blog. In the podcast we discussed my series of articles entitled How to be a GREAT Product Manager.

I cover 6 rules for Product Managers to follow. They are:

  • Don’t just sound smart; act smart and be smart
  • Be technical without becoming a technologist
  • “Spidey-sense” instincts are good; hard data is way better
  • The 4 Cs of Leadership: credibility, commitment, communication and courage
  • Be an integrator, translator and communicator; don’t be a terminator
  • Own the product from conception to completion and beyond

The podcast is available at:



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