Help the Twitter Product Manager

Twitter logoOnly a couple of days left before the survey ends.

The survey will close at 11:59 PM EST on Friday April 17, 2009.

Let’s face it, we ALL like FREE services. Twitter is currently free. But that won’t last forever. They have to start generating revenue to sustain themselves.

Help yourself and help the Twitter PM by coming up with some ideas on how Twitter can legitimately make some $$$.

I’ve created a short survey form that you can fill out with your idea.

TAKE THE SURVEY<<– Click here

I’ll collect all the data, publish the results back to the blog and also forward it to Twitter so they can start working through it along with all the other data they are collecting.

That’s it. So click on the link and help out a fellow PM.



3 responses to “Help the Twitter Product Manager

  1. Saeed, while this is a great way to try and crowd source ideas for monetizing Twitter it seems like the option of not charging users for Twitter and pursuing the Ad revenue model does not seem to be in the question mix.

  2. Darayush,

    Thanks for the comment. Ad revenue is almost a 100% given for Twitter. I think the question for them is who to partner with and how to implement. But Twitter has also announced they’ll have *paid* accounts later this year.

    “Mr. Stone says Twitter recently hired a product manager to oversee the development of commercial accounts. The accounts would offer users more features in exchange for a fee, but Mr. Stone says Twitter hasn’t set a launch date for them.”

    This is what I wanted this survey to focus on.

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