Summer’s here: Do something different

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Yes, summer is here, and the vacations are beginning.

Many of your co-workers are using this time to check out of their responsibilities, take a slower pace, to take some time off. Expectations are often lower in the summer, and your boss may also be checking out to some degree.

I am in favor of vacations, and you must take time to relax and be with friends and family.

But you should also use the summer strategically. Deliberately lower expectations of specific deliverables, and work on something for the fall. My suggestion: start a campaign of calling and visiting buyers. Kick off a series of win/loss analysis calls. Design and conduct a customer survey. Set a goal of writing a whitepaper or an ebook.

Use this time to do something different.

Use this time to tee things up for September.

When everyone returns to reality in September, what would really impress your executives or your team? Focus on that and slow-roll other projects.

Oh, and take some time off.

– Alan

PS: If you want some tips on conducting win/loss analysis, here are a couple of articles that will help:


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