PCamp Austin: Please weigh in with questions and suggestions

Hi everyone: I will be attending and hopefully presenting at PCamp Austin this weekend, and I would love to get input from our readers about specific questions on the topics I have proposed.

Here are my session descriptions. Please use the comments to provide suggestions and pose questions that you think I should include in my session. My sessions are always very interactive, and I use input like this to shape the content and direction. I consider myself a coach and facilitator of discussion, not a presenter.

If you are coming to Austin, please drop me a line or comment below and let’s hook up!

Take it up a notch: Analyzing, Diagnosing, and Improving Sales Performance for B2B Products

It goes up to 11

This is an interactive session with a set of “power tools” that will help Product Owners/Managers/Marketers improve sales performance for B2B products.  I will provide an analytical approach to review product performance in the sales channel, identify constraints, conduct focused research, and target initiatives for improvements.

I will also provide suggestions on how to contact buyers even if your management will not permit it.  The session will be interactive and topics can be shaped by participants. Bring your questions and tough problems.

Creating Reference Customers: Getting beyond the same 5 success stories [Intermediate | Expert]

Reference CustomerEvery marketing and sales organization depends on reference customers. Furthermore, customer referenceability is a great indicator of the health of your customer base, and ability to increase revenue through maintenance and upsell. Yet too many companies chase the same 5 or 10 reference customers and fail to build a base of referenceability.

This interactive session will present a method for VPs, Directors, and bold Product Managers to proactively build a referenceable customer base, and hold the organization accountable.

Thanks for your input!

– Alan


4 responses to “PCamp Austin: Please weigh in with questions and suggestions

  1. Hi Alan,

    I like the sound of the session about reference customers. I’d love to hear about strategies for navigating the F500 legal/PR machines that somehow seem designed to prevent getting good reference accounts.

    See you on Saturday.

  2. Jerry: great input. You’re right, it is designed that way. We’ll discuss. The effort to build a reference base needs to be built in to the DNA of the company. We need to establish customer success metrics and building accountability for same into PM, executive, and customer “contracts”. Doing so is a differentiator.

  3. Alan, thanks for coming, it was great to meet you in person finally! Hope you had a good time.

  4. Paul – and thank you! That was quite an event. Y’all should be very proud. I have an article almost ready to press … and expect to write another about my experiences there. Hats off to you and the team of volunteers!