Product Management Parody Playlist

Tom Grant has a post a couple of weeks back with a Product Management/Marketing playlist. As Tom wrote:

If you were to make a musical version of what it’s like to be a tech PM, here’s what you’d put into the soundtrack.

I like the idea, but as a PM, I couldn’t simply create a “me-too” list. 🙂

So here’s my variation: The PM parody playlist. i.e. PM/PMM oriented parodies of famous songs.

  • Bugs in my Product – The Monks
  • We built this Product – Starship
  • I left my code in San Francisco – Tony Bennett
  • Sympathy for the Tester – Rolling Stones
  • Gimme Data – Rolling Stones
  • Software Product Management Blues – Bob Dylan
  • Shock the Market – Peter Gabriel
  • I still haven’t got what I’m asking for – U2
  • Roll Over Product Owner – Chuck Berry
  • Take me to the website – Al Green
  • Market Love – David Bowie

I’m sure there’s many others. Any that you’d like to add?



One response to “Product Management Parody Playlist

  1. sales in the market with products – the beatles (lucy)

    nothing compares to us – sinead oconnor

    u can always get what you want – rolling stones