Product Management in Pictures #3: The Reality of Meetings


3 responses to “Product Management in Pictures #3: The Reality of Meetings

  1. If a leader wants to communicate, they can get that done outside a meeting. It might take more time, but they would be talking with the individual contributors on whatever they would be saying in the meeting, getting better feedback, and strengthening the relationship.

    What the pie chart doesn’t show is the salary contribution being consumed by each meeting participant. You can cost meetings. Then, you’d know what a real waste meetings are.

    I’ve been to meetings where the entire dev team shows up and project manager only talks with the team lead, and the team leads of other teams whose members are likewise in attendance.

  2. agreed that many many meetings are a waste of time. So what are Product Managers going to do about it? Anybody read Jean Tabaka’s book “Collaboration Explained”?

  3. Linda, David,

    Thanks for the comments. One of the best investments a company can make is to provide meeting facilitation training to their middle managers. Given how much time is spent in meetings and how much people complain about them, there is clearly room for improvement.

    I worked in one such company and after the meeting facilitation training, meetings were not only shorter and more productive, but I’m sure we had a productivity gain in the company.

    Given how much time is spent in meetings, I’m sure a company could see a gain of about 5% if everyone held efficient meetings with the minimum of staff, communicated the outcomes better and followed up properly on action items.

    Gee I’m sold. 🙂