ProductCamps Galore!

What do the following all have in common?

  • Silicon Valley California
  • Sydney Australia
  • Austin Texas
  • Boston Massachusetts
  • Research Triangle Park North Carolina
  • Chicago Illinois
  • Berlin Germany
  • and possibly Toronto Canada 🙂

All of these locations are planning ProductCamps over the next few months. This weekend, several hundred individuals are expected at Yahoo’s head quarters in Sunnyvale CA for the 3rd annual ProductCamp in Silicon Valley.

It’s great to see cities like Berlin and Sydney join in, along with Amsterdam last year as ProductCamp truly becomes international.

We’ve held two successful ProductCamps in Toronto, and are looking to hold a 3rd one in late May or early June.  We’re still working on locking down an exact date and location right now.

So, if you have an interest in product development, product management or marketing and are near any of these cities, get out to one of the meetings.

Details, and links to more information are available on our Events page or check out the ProductCamp site.



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