Google Buzz Fail

Tom Grant has a great article today on Google Buzz: “You Do Not Understand Collaboration“.

Tom sums up the mistaken approach thusly: “It worked for us inside the firewall, so we never thought it’d have a problem outside the firewall”. Well put. He goes on to talk about the differences between enterprise collaboration and social networking, and some interesting observations about requirements for collaboration tools. Another quotable phrase: “not everyone is using collaboration tools to solve the same problem”.

My question is whether Google will learn key PM lessons from Buzz, or whether Buzz foreshadows an inside-out approach from Google that could severely limit the success of its future products.

– Alan


2 responses to “Google Buzz Fail

  1. nice post! šŸ™‚

  2. Something it seems that not many people are taking into consideration throughout the course of the Google Buzz dialogue is how it can possibly be used to wreak havoc and cause harm – see the video below, definitely gave me pause!