There is no such thing as bad press

OR: Misery loves company, especially company that can go onto your Twitter stream.

So assuming you’ve read the Interwebs lately you’ve hard the tale of how an Apple employee lost a next-generation iPhone test unit at a bar where it was found and sold to a gadget blog. Sordid stuff.

Many commenters immediately assumed that the person who lost the phone would be fired, but that has not yet been reported to happen. So perhaps he merely has to spend a few weeks in the penalty box at work.

(Note to the CrankyPM: Yes, your CEO can drop his laptop off his yacht without penalty, but if you lose a hotel receipt there’s hell to pay, right?)

At any rate, of all the things that might come out of such an incident, this is an unlikely one: Lufthansa has offered to fly the person-who-lost-something (I hate to pile on by calling the poor guy a “loser”) to Munich.

You see, he lost the phone at a German-style bar, tenuous connection, etc.

Now, it takes a lot of nerve to offer this poor Apple employee a reward for making one of the biggest mistakes in recent company history (with the exception of MobileMe, zing!) but, the real question is: how much nerve does it take to accept the offer?

And is this a legitimate use of social media marketing or is it, as a Lufthansa employee would succinctly put it, just Schadenfreude?

3 responses to “There is no such thing as bad press

  1. This is really bizarre.

    What value does this provide Lufthansa, except for some low value link baiting activity — e.g. bloggers who will write or comment about it 🙂

    Yeah, let’s fly some unfortunate Apple employee to Munich and get them loaded in the Hofbrauhaus.

    That’ll definitely take everyone’s mind off the serious air travel crisis that’s happening in Europe due to the eruption of the volcano with the virtually unpronouncable name in Iceland.

    You’d think that Ms. Nicola C Lange, Dir. Marketing & Customer Relations, Americas at Lufthansa would have more important things to occupy her time right now.

  2. I’ve been thinking about it any my guess is that Lufthansa is hoping he loses a second iPhone prototype in the free-drinks lounge.

  3. After having the ‘joy’ of flying Lufthansa on several occasions he could always put it down to the 2nd biggest mistake of his life.