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Happy (belated) 3rd Birthday to us (yet again)!

3 years and 3 belated birthdays…

Year 1 –  Happy (belated) birthday to us!

Year 2 – Happy (belated) birthday to us (again)!

It’s become a bit of a tradition, missing our birthday by a day or two.

Officially it was June 1, 2010.

Well, no one else remembered. 😦

By my count we had 135 posts last year, so we’ve kept pace with the previous years of about 140 posts per year.

A more formal birthday post is coming in a week or so.

Construction work ahead…


We’re going to be doing some maintenance on the blog in the coming days. Most of it should be transparent to you, but we are moving hosting providers so the site may be down for a short period while the various DNS settings are propogated wherever they need to go.

But don’t worry, we’ll be back. There are other changes to the blog that you’ll notice over time. We’re looking for ways to grow the blog and serve the community better.

If you have some ideas or suggestions, send them our way. You can leave a comment or email us at:

onproductmanagement (at) gmail dot com

ProductCamp Toronto – It’s on!

It’s official! ProductCamp Toronto Spring 2010 will be held on Sunday May 30 at the Ted Rogers School of Management at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto.

We will have 3 tracks to help focus content to different audiences who attend.

  1. Product Management 101 —  aimed at people new to Product Management or those who want to learn more about the basics of the topic.
  2. Start me up! — aimed at people who are interested in or involved in startups and want to learn more about how to make those ventures successful
  3. Advanced Product Management and Marketing — while open to anyone, this is  intended for experienced Product Managers and Marketers who want to go deep into topics with others in their field.

Sessions nominated and voted on (see link below) should fall into one of these tracks.

We are open to suggestions for other tracks as well, so speak out if you think there are other areas that you’d like to see covered.

Here are all the important links:

We look forward to seeing you at the event!


ProductCamp Toronto Spring 2010

A quick announcement that a time and date for the next ProductCamp Toronto  has been set.

The Date: Sunday May 30, 2010

The Location: Ryerson’s Ted Rogers School of Management in downtown Toronto.

More information will be coming in the near future, but mark the date and stay tuned.

For those using Twitter, keep watching the  #pct3 hashtag.


A Shiny Badge for Our Efforts…

When you least expect it, you get some recognition for your work.

We lobbied hard for your votes for the Canadian Blog Awards. We got to the final round of voting but didn’t make it to the podium.

We asked for your support in the ComputerWeekly IT Blog Awards.  No success there either.

Today, via a tweet, I learned about the following:

Cool. And if you want to see the details, click here.

Also, here’s a list of the other blogs in the Product Management category and their rankings. The Top 3 are:

  1. Leading Agile
  2. On Product Management
  3. Cranky Product Manager

So, it feels good to be recognized, and #2 isn’t bad at all, even though, technically speaking,  the blog that beat us (Leading Agile) isn’t really a Product Management blog. 🙂

Canadian Blog Awards – 4th is better than 5th!

So, thanks to all of you who voted for us in the Canadian Blog Awards.

We didn’t win. We didn’t come 2nd or 3rd. We came in 4th in our category, just ahead of some dude named Matt Scott Nelson.

So, perhaps next year? At least this year we made to the final round of voting.

Thanks for your support.

Pleeez vote for us….it takes 5 seconds…

OK, this request won’t even be subtle.

We need your vote to win the Best Professional Life Blog Category for the Canadian Blog Awards.

Voting closes soon so vote now.

It’ll take 5 seconds. You’ll feel great after voting. We promise.

If we win, we’ll figure out a nice way to thank you for your support.

Here’s the link. —–>> CLICK HERE <<——

Please vote now.