You can see an updated version of this blog list here:

Product Management Blogs

  1. ack/nak – Product Management, Product Marketing and other nasty bits
  2. Agile Product Manager – Leading with a Point of View…Embracing Change…Finding my Flow
  3. All About Product Management – Derek Morrison’s blog
  4. All Things Product Management – Product Management for the High Tech Professional
  5. Ask a Good Product Manager – Product Management Q&A
  6. Ateala – Ateala Management’s PM Blog
  7. B2B Product Makers – Turning ideas into products
  8. Better Product – Help me understand why some products do better than others
  9. BrainMates – Good PM content from Down Under
  10. Brutally Honest Product Management – Brutally honest about Product Management
  11. BusinessWeek PM Blog – A collection of posts from multiple sources (including us!)
  12. Buzz22 –  Product Management blog by Ed Cawthorne and Garry Avery
  13. Carl’s Product Management Blog – From Carl Knibbs in the UK
  14. Cauvin – Roger Cauvin’s PM blog
  15. Confianzys Blog – Product Management in action
  16. Cranky Product Manager – Anonymous blogger gives the ugly side of software product development
  17. Effectivus – Technology Product Management and Marketing
  18. Enthiosys – Agile PM blog by Enthiosys
  19. Fiducial Mark – Thoughts on location, product management, and social media technologies
  20. Firecracker PM – Information Security. Compliance. Product Management
  21. Forrester PM Blog – Forrester Research on Product Management (Tom Grant and others)
  22. Fulton’s Ventures – David Fulton on Product Management and other pastimes
  23. Grant’s PM Blog – Thoughts on the subject by Grant Kitching
  24. Going Native – AIPMM anthropology & product management blog
  25. Good Product Manager – Jeff Lash’s popular PM blog
  26. Innovation Jam – Accept Software’s blog
  27. Insider’s View on Product Management – A relatively new blog by Gregory Haardt
  28. Joao Rufino’s Blog – A few tips & tricks about Internet Marketing, Product and People Strategy
  29. Lena’s Web Log – nice blog, but where’s the About info?
  30. Managed Product – Product Management musings by Gaurav
  31. Marcus Daniels – Entrepreneurial Leadership + Digital Product Management
  32. Marketada – Nathan Bobbin’s PM, Marketing and Development blog
  33. My Product Management Opinion – A slightly humorous take on Product Management
  34. No Batteries Included – Shreyas Doshi’s blog
  35. One Sweet Life – Robin Zaragoza’s PM blog
  36. One Yoxel – Agile Product Management with Open Source
  37. O Guia Do Gerente De Productos – Portuguese PM Blog
  38. Outside-In View – Jennifer Doctor’s blog
  39. PDMA Blog – Blog of  the PDMA 🙂
  40. Pink Product Manager – The journey of becoming and thriving as an IT product manager
  41. Pivotal PM – Improve product profitability
  42. PM Tribe – Where the Product Management tribe gathers
  43. Producteer – Occasional postings by Anuradha Sridharan
  44. – Musings on Product Management, Marketing, Business & Technology Strategy
  45. Product Beautiful – Paul Young’s popular blog
  46. Product Bytes – Rich Mironov’s blog
  47. Product Guy – Jeremy Horn’s  blog
  48. Product Management Challenges – Jacques Murphy’s blog
  49. Product Management Insights – Accompa’s PM blog
  50. Product Management Journal – Making great products requires great product management
  51. Product Management Meets Pop Culture – Chris Cummings interesting take on Product Management
  52. Product Management Musings – Product Management is fun. Peter Ghali’s blog
  53. Product Matters – Product Management, from Malaysia by a Malaysian
  54. Product Ninja – Jason Miceli’s PM blog
  55. Product Management 2.0 – 280 Group’s Blog
  56. Product Management Journal – Making great products requires great product management.
  57. Product Management Pulse – Michael Ray Hopkin’s Product Management podcast blog
  58. Product Management Tips – Gopal Shenoy’s blog
  59. Product Management View – Ryma Tech’s PM blog
  60. Product Management Zen — A Blog by Tabita Green
  61. ProductMarketing. com – Steve Johnson’s musings and thoughts
  62. Product Marketing Hub – A German blog Markus von Aschoff (English translation via Google Translate)
  63. Product-Process-People – Ian McCallister on Web Product Management tools & techniques
  64. Product Personas – A blog by Bonnie Rind
  65. Product Strategist – David W. Locke’s blog
  66. Product Strategy – Michael Kapp’s blog
  67. Purist Product Manager – An interesting PM blog out of the UK
  68. Quantum Whisper Blog – Outside-in Product Management
  69. Ramblings On Product Development – Occasional PM insights from Elaine Chen
  70. Random Jog – Product Management, Marketing, Random Stuff
  71. Requirements Defined – A focus on software requirements
  72. Richard Beck – Product Management, Marketing, Presentation
  73. Rob Grady – Product Management thoughts from Mr. Grady
  74. RocketWatcher – Product Marketing for Startups by April Dunford
  75. Silicon Valley Product Group – Blog of the SVPG
  76. Software Maven – Musings of a veteran software developer
  77. Software Product Management – PM blog in Russian. English translation, courtesy of Google.
  78. Startup Musings – Life in the Boston High-tech startup landscape
  79. Steve Johnson on Product Management – Telling great stories about Product Management
  80. Subjective – Ponderings on Government 2.0, Product Management and Presentation Excellence
  81. SURE Product Consulting – Sue Raisty-Egami’s blog
  82. Strategic Product Manager – PM blog from Stewart Rogers
  83. The Accidental Product Manager – Jim Anderson’s insightful blog
  84. The Agile Product Manager -Stacy Weber’s Agile blog
  85. The Experience is the Product – Usability insights from Cindy Alvarez
  86. The Heretech – Heretical notions of Product Management and the tech industry (Tom Grant)
  87. The Productologist – Ivan Chalif’s explores the depths of Product Management
  88. The ProdMgr’s Blog – Yet Another Product Management Blog
  89. The Product Pipe – for enthusiasts of Product Management by Kevin Griggs
  90. The Sales Gal – A Product Management weblog
  91. Tim Rochte – Musings on Product Management and Product Marketing
  92. Tondin Banks on Product Management – My mind and experiences poured out on the Internet
  93. Towards a Better Product – improving product management skills
  94. Tyner Blain – Scott Sehlhorst’s ever insightful blog
  95. User>Driven – About good products and their development by Bruce McCarthy
  96. Users Know – Helping small companies better connect with users
  97. Viewpoint – Val Sanford’s PM blog
  98. WatTF? – It’s better to be safe than risky
  99. Winning Products – Prabhakar Gopalan’s Product Marketing blog
  100. Web Product Blog – Thomas Fuchs Martin in Barcelona – because great web products don´t happen by accident
  101. Write That Down – Adam Bullied’s thoughts on Startup Product Management
  102. Zig Zag Marketing – Blog by PM training company

Competitive Intelligence

  1. Competitive Futures – A CI blog for Eric Garland
  2. Competitive Intelligence – Tips, Tricks & Resources for a Competitive World
  3. CI Marketplace – A competitive intelligence blog
  4. CI Podcast – Podcast blog by August J. Jackson
  5. Cooperative Intelligence – A blog by Ellen Naylor
  6. Kent’s Imperative – Professionalization in the art & science of intelligence
  7. Fuld – Fuld’s Competitive Musing
  8. Ning – Ning CI Social Network
  9. Outward Insights – The smartest CI blog on the web. Period.


  1. Dollars and Sense – The Pricing Blog
  2. Price Leadership – A Price Optimization Blog for Pricing Leaders
  3. Pricing Blog – Discussion on Pricing topics
  4. Pricing Wire –  Pricing Strategy, Monetization and other good stuff
  5. Professional Pricing Society – PPS’s blog
  6. So When does the Margin Go Up? – Trancend Consulting’s Blog

Agile-related blogs

  1. Agile Blog – Rally Software’s blog on Agile
  2. Agile Chronicles – Experiences in Agile development and software management
  3. The Agile Engineer – current thoughts on agile, architecture and value
  4. The Agile Executive – Agile at the enterprise level
  5. Agile Journal – An agile business community
  6. Agile Product Owner – Sharing the art of Agile product ownership
  7. The Agilist – Ken Collier on being Agile
  8. Leading Agile – A blog on Agile Leadership and Project Management
  9. Practice Agile – Agile and Scrum Best Practices in Large Global Teams
  10. Scaling Software Agility – Dean Leffingwell’s blog
  11. Succeeding with Agile – Mike Cohn’s Agile blog

Other Interesting Blogs

  1. 90 Percent of Everything – Experience design, user research and usability
  2. Alltop – Marketing – Marketing blog category for
  3. Blogging Innovation – Blogging innovation and marketing insights for the greater good
  4. Boston Startup Watch – As the name describes
  5. Business of Software – BoS Conference blog
  6. Business Week: Innovation – BW’s Innovation Section
  7. Cooper Journal of Design – Well known Interaction Design company
  8. Customer Crossroads – about creating branded customer experiences
  9. Digital Tonto – At the Crossroads of Media, Marketing and Technology
  10. Elezea – A blog about User Experience
  11. Fine Art of Marketing – Light reading for heavy professionals
  12. Fresh Thinking – Freshbooks blog on entrepreneurship, teamwork etc.
  13. GeekMBA360 – Career advice at the intersection of business and technology
  14. HeraTech – Applying Agile to the ancient art of technical writing
  15. Information is Beautiful – Ideas, issues. knowledge. data – visualized!
  16. Innovation Playground – An interesting blog by Idris Mootee
  17. John Peltier on Products – Musings on quality products and product quality
  18. LadyLeet – Relevant ramblings on startup, entrepreneurship, and the in-between
  19. Launch Clinic – Defining product launch success
  20. Lead on Purpose – Michael Ray Hopkin’s blog on leadership
  21. Managing Product Development – for people who want to think about how they manage people, projects, and risk
  22. Management Excellence – building better leaders and creating high performance organizations
  23. Marketing Edge – Marketing, Innovation, Career growth by Ninon Laforce
  24. Marketing Know How – John Quelch’s HBR Marketing blog
  25. On Startups – A blog for entrepreneurs
  26. Power of Scale – Tips for growing your small business
  27. Primary Intel – The intelligent approach to sales success
  28. Product Owner Blog – Journey and random thoughts from an Agile Product Owner
  29. R Cross D – Posts on innovation and user experience research and design
  30. Ramon Chen — technology, product management, marketing and life in general
  31. Revenue Journal – Kristen Zhivago’s blog on revenue generation
  32. Sliced Bread – an experience design blog
  33. Social Customer Manifesto – Participate. There are no spectators anymore
  34. Startup Life – Technology. Startups. Venture Capital. My Life.
  35. TechnoInsight – Ken Yarmosh: product strategist and internet connoisseur
  36. Technology Review – MITs technology site. A great resource for leading edge info.
  37. Thought Gadgets – Advertising, Marketing and the media
  38. Two Cents – Thoughts on Business and Marketing from 678 Partners
  39. Usability Counts – Usability, user experience, social media marketing
  40. A VC – Musings of a VC in NYC
  41. Venture Blog – A random walk down Sand Hill Road
  42. Venture Hacks – Advice for entrepreneurs
  43. Web Ink Now – David Meerman Scott’s very popular blog on viral marketing and online media
  44. Write Speak Sell – Profiting from more effective communication

15 responses to “Blogs

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  2. Great idea to have this roll. I will have to add one myself. Mine is

    “Towards A Better Product” is about improving product management skills to make better servant leaders for the Product organization – and ultimately, better products.

  3. Pingback: Blogroll Efficiency | Product Management Zen

  4. Yes thanks for this list. May I also recommend one of the product management blogs that I enjoy reading:

    It’s by a colleague of mine and strikes a nice balance between great ideas and fun!

  5. Pingback: Variety in Product Management Blogs « On Product Management

  6. Another one to add to the Austin contingent of Roger and Tyner/Scott is Requirements Defined from Seilevel ( More focused on requirements than general PdM, but definitely some useful content.

  7. We’ve only been open for 45 days, put feel free to add us to the list. We post about practical topics that any PM can use.

    Thank you for the list

  8. Here’s another one for you: Product Management Journal at

  9. Product Management Tidbits (

    Thoughts and insights on SAAS product management.


  10. Barry, I’ve got you at #43, Quantum Whisper Blog. Should I rename it?

  11. Pingback: A PM Thanksgiving Offering « Outside-In View

  12. We also have a pretty decent pricing blog. I think people will find it interesting, sparking some good thoughtL

  13. My old blog server crashed so I moved to please update the link. Thanks.

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