Your Blog on Wordle – Redux

Last week, I posted about Wordle and used a number of Product Management blogs as examples of how Wordle represents their content.

I also asked people to try to identify the various Wordle representations and match them to their associated blogs.

Blog #1

wordle6 RocketWatcher

Blog #2

wordle9 Product Management View

Blog #3

wordle4 Lead on Purpose

Blog #4

wordle2 On Product Management

Blog #5

wordle7 Forrester Product Management Blog


And here are a couple of bonus Wordle’s of other PM blogs. Bet you can’t guess these ones! 🙂

(click each to enlarge)

Bonus #1


Bonus #2



4 responses to “Your Blog on Wordle – Redux

  1. I thought the contrast between your blog and the Forrester blog is interesting. You should be mindful though of the word depression. Apparently. The bonus wordles are fairly obvious.

  2. Stewart,

    What specifically are you referring to in terms of the contrast? Aside from the obvious layout differences?

    WRT “depression”, that was used in a couple of posts, particularly The New Rules of (almost) Everything.

    As for the bonus ones, that’s why I didn’t include them in the original post. When i tried them originally and saw the result, it was clear they were not going to stump anyone.


  3. The big words for Forrester are development and repository and yours are sales and marketing. I thought that was interesting. – Stewart

  4. Saeed, Thanks for pointing out this site and including my blog as one of the “models;” a fun diversion. -Michael